Chapter closed. THANK YOU!


I did it!!! I finished my Balkans trip, a dream came true, a trip that won’t come back, a once in a lifetime thing!

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 5.35.59 PM

Started out in Salzburg and got all the way to Amsterdam in a period of 35 days. Made it out to Iceland and Washington D.C. to end up in Mexico City after a total period of 6 weeks. Crazy, right? Well, everything happened without major incidents.


A year worth of savings and even money from my college fund spent too. Everything was worth it, every single cent. These are all the places I visited in a total period of 13 months.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 3.28.14 AM

It’s incredible! I can’t believe I just slept in my bed, in my room, last night. I’m so happy to be home again. Although I’ve been home for a while…Washington is my other home although there’s nothing material attached rather than only good friends and good memories. I’ve never been so happy of seeing my family. Distance made us closer though but it’s all different now, so glad to be here.

It all started back in July 2014, that’s when I left home to sail on my own! It’s impossible to find words, phrases even the pictures I’ve taken that could show you the places I’ve seen, the things I’ve experienced and the warmness of all the great people I’ve met.

There I was, a 19 year-old working in Austria as an Au Pair. It was a huge deal for me, looking for my independence, also economic, in a place far, far away. When plans changed I was put in a totally unexpected position, the not knowing of what was going to happen totally freaked me out but I’m so glad I did it and I’m so glad of the amazing people I had the pleasure to call family for a couple months.

Best choice I’ve ever made, this taught me wayyyyy more than I could’ve learned while in University. This was University, but University of life. I didn’t get a paper degree, but I did get real life experience which is something you can’t buy, not even with all the money in the world. Gap year, you rocked!

This might sound greedy, but I want to thank first to my body and mind, for never letting me down, for keeping me on going always, for being strong and healthy. My back too, for carrying my heavy backpack during 6 weeks continuously. I’m still surprised of myself of how far I got.

Thank you traveling for letting me be a better person, for letting me learn many, many things about myself I had no idea of. I’m not the same one I was a year ago neither a month ago. Being out there by myself for the last 6 weeks was the most enriching experience I’ve had until now.

I learned so much. I’ve seen places I never thought existed. Although I had a heavy backpack, I learned how to leave stuff on a side and it felt so good!! Just enjoying of the little things, the small acts that just made the difference to me.

To my parents, thank you for supporting me in every choice I’ve taken and for believing in me. My dad for making me believe nothing is impossible, my mom for all her knowledge shared that def helped me during this period. Last night, my mom said something I’ve never heard her saying, she said -You look happy. Now, we also have to learn from you. Reaching this level of communication is something I thought I would never happen. I’m so lucky!

Lindinger family, for letting me into your home, everything learned was more than good for me. Everything happens for a reason and what happened to us, had to happened. Thank you for being there. Greetings to y’all.

Koller’s, whole family, including the Gstrein too. It’s incredible how close we became in such a short time, without you guys nothing would’ve been possible, I’m so glad life brought me to the small Haiming. Missing the little munchkins a lot too.

Kurt, Roswitha and Maren, you guys are my second family, always treating me as one more. I’m so lucky. I love you all a lot!! Maren, you are one of my best friends. I love you tons!! This friendship is meant to last regarding distance, we already know it!

To Ms. D, thank you for your long time support and for believing in me, for your lessons which I always remember. You will always be the best teacher I’ve ever had.

To all my cs hosts, you all were awesome!! I’m so thankful for meeting every one of you and thank you for making me feel like at home even if I was just on my way through for one or two nights, thank you for the warmness and everything I’ve received!!

To all those travelers I met along my way, it would’ve not been the same without you guys, to the ones that helped me out in my difficult moments, a huge thank you from my heart!!!!

To all those strangers that regarding or not the language barrier offered me help, food and shelter. I still have some faith in humanity. This is what makes me believe, what keeps me on going, thank you!

To Monica, my sister soul. The only that gets me, thank you for the support and for appearing in my life. Life will bring us together again, we have a thousand and more travels together ahead. It’s your time now.

To Esmeralda, you were my mentor beside my friend. I miss you so much, I know you will do great and we will meet somewhere again.

To Carla, you are an amazing friend and person. Thank you for being that friend who would hear me and help me. Thank you for letting me be an influence (hopefully good) in your life. Happy travels!! You’ve got so much ahead of you.

To all my friends in the DMV area, I love you all and I’m so glad I was able to visit a good part this small week. Thank you for being there after so many years. It’s always good to see known faces. I will try to see the rest the next time (which is soon!).

To all the haters, thank you for the love. You guys always push me to keep on going!!


I’ve never been more alive than now. This is it, that’s all I need in life. I’m just lucky as hell. I’m lucky to have y’all in my life and I’m infinitely thankful which makes a thank you not enough.

I can just think of this song, Fille du vent by Keny Arkana… That’s how I feel right now
Listen to the whole song!

Free like the wind
I set my sails
Yes, I killed the impossible
The stars are enough
Life of difficulty, I fled
At large, I let go of my rage
And my tears I wipe
I am, and I take off
When the signs decided it
I bow to life
Even my worries resign
On the road, toward unknown
I write my story
Promised land, my exile
Far from what the world shows to us
Daughter of the wind, an enigma
Free but dignified
I free myself, a traveler forever
Valorous enemy of routine
A head full of rhymes
At a time where their world engulfs itself
Sobbing, I left
Where the sun smiles
In search of the only the memories of the soul
Laughter; my freedom
She dictates my voice
I fight inertia

I go forward, between the ups and downs
I bounce when the ground collapses under my steps
I grew up under the stars
In a crisis, who do you believe?
Icy world, cold ice
Maybe unstable
But too bad
Alive as long as adventure calls me
It’s by walking on the ground
That I healed my pain
Momentum is insanity in the others eyes
I turn around the sun
Free like the air, and a smile on my lips
From trains to trains, I left through the window
To be free, I suffered
Because I wasn’t old enough to be free
So fuck your morals
Maybe take the opportunity
A crazy life
My life, a hymn to boldness
[Staying] in our places? Never!
The earth is my country
Pilgrimage or journey
To be free or to perish
Like a steam of pure water
On my burning wounds
Connected to the present

I feel good only when I’m in motion
To find myself without my torments
In the opening I look for God
Far from convents and crowds
I often thought of leaving everything
To live my life to the fullest
Because the modern world is so exhausting
But my mission is here
So I leave and come back
Like back when my path came from nothing
My steps come from far away
Any they haven’t finished walking
Until the rise of day
Or when death come to take me
I will leave, as free as I arrived
Between tides
Life taught me to navigate
From experience to experience
Like a blade to a file
I polish my chakras
Until I see my suns are aligned
Daughter of the wind
I never forgot that we are all brothers
That one doesn’t sully the sun with dust
Open heart
I rediscover my wings
Don’t be angry if I desert the system
Call me daughter of the wind…


I will try to update my blog and share some moments from my trip. At least for this month, everything will be a bit still.

Let’s hope for the best as for my next plans. Everything is still unclear, but looking up high.


Not again please, we all have heard of it before…



Moving to Europe by myself was a big step and a dream come true. It was even bigger because I would work to sustain myself and start being independent. I’m just a 19 year old girl (first time I reveal my age over here), all my friends are doing the “right thing” and are in college, they choose what classes to go to instead of which country I am visiting next. I am going to college, just needed some “Teresa time” first. This is not my first time traveling alone, but it’s the longest period I’ve being away from home..

My work is not exactly the one that makes me rich but I like it. Every time I can, I try to go somewhere, my budget is not the biggest one so I have used different ways to save some bucks and it’s been amazing so far. I don’t do it for saving money anymore, I just get a deeper experience in every trip and the most out of it, this part called adventure is what thrills me the most and makes me want more. I’m usually called brave or crazy; I’m asked what’s in your mind? Are you really doing that? How old are you? Are you going all alone? Aren’t you scared? What if…? Etc Etc.


Here is my answer to all of those questions, which hopefully will make you understand why:


  • While couchsurfing and using mitfahrgelegenheit



  • Traveling alone as a woman




  • How my mom thinks I should think029_03




  • When I was 15…





  • Then I told my parents:



  • At age 17, I sort thought of this and made the change:



  • I don’t have an explanation for this, just what it is there:




  • What really happens while I’m traveling alone



  • I still follow the regular precautions and have a great time meeting amazing people! 029_09



  • I will do this for the rest of my life, I don’t regret any second of it



You will be called so many names, be told so many horrible stories and some other things but you gotta go out the bubble and expose yourself. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make. I decided to do it when I was 17 and it was difficult to my parents to deal with it but I don’t regret it and I thank them infinitely for supporting me in my decisions until now. It’s OK to travel alone as a woman. It’s great to travel with friends but it’s also amazing to go by yourself, I’ve learned so much about myself in the last couple months. Go out there, discover yourself, travel alone, sleep in a train station, have no plan for what comes next… I don’t mean YOLO either, because it’s not the point of the whole thing. Just to get out of your comfort zone and travel!

Thanks to all the different situations, the people I’ve met and everything I’ve experienced I can say I know myself and I know what I want. Thank you for being there, for the support and for believing in me.


Comics made by Natalie Nourigat. Taken from her website



Surviving: Ryan Air Hand Luggage.


How to pack a handbag for a 6-day trip while flying with ryanair?


After packing a half full 80l backpack for a 4-day trip now I’m becoming a professional in packing, I gotta figure out how to fill a 27l backpack for a 6-day trip.

As a traveler, I’m always trying to look for the cheapest or save the most money I can. I’m flying with ryanair, ryanair is an irish airline which has super cheap flights maybe from 50 euros, round trip, yeah just how I said it. 50 euros for a round trip flight ticket within Europa.

Of course, in order to find the most cheapest price you gotta be flexible with the dates. But if you have time, do it! You won’t regret it.

Ryanair allows you only “one cabin bag per passenger* weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms.” This is difficult, right?



What to use as handluggage?

I personally prefer a backpack because I can carry easily and my hands are free. Since I didn’t have any backpack big enough or sort of this size. I got this one at The north face. It wasn’t indeed cheap. I paid a 100 euros for it. But since I will be doing a huge summer trip, this will work perfect as a day bag too. It’s really light weight and I could easily put it inside my big 80l backpack. It has no frame so I could bend it.


What to put inside?


  • 3 short sleeves blouses
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 7 panties
  • 2 bras
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Micro fabric towel
  • Toiletries (all the following in travelling sizes)

o   Tooth paste

o   Face lotion

o   Sunscreen

o   Face shampoo

o   Deodorant


  • Make up (up to you what you need)
  • Travel pillow


I’m taking 5 tops in total, 3 short sleeves blouse and 2 sweaters. I’m taking an extra jacket, which I will be wearing in the plane and the one I will wear in case it gets a bit cold while wearing a short sleeve blouse.

As for underwear, I’m taking 7 pieces. I could easily take 3 and just wash them on the way but I don’t feel like it. I will take 6 pairs of socks.

I’m just wearing one pair of shoes and taking one pair of sandals when taking a shower.

And toiletries, that’s up to you what do you need, but we girls need more stuff, I just took basic stuff.


Just came back from my trip, and everything was perfect! The backpack even when totally full was accepted. It’s just lightweight and fits good to me! Hope it helps you to pack! Happy traveling!



Decisions, decisions…


Have you ever been in the situation where you have to take an important decision? We all have been through that. What about when that decision will make a huge difference for the rest of your life? It’s so difficult to choose!

I change my mind almost everyday. Contemplating pros and cons. It’s even more difficult when the clock is ticking and there’s people expecting me to tell them. Also for my loved ones, won’t be easy. I am thousands of miles away from home, relatively alone. But this is my choice, my life.

Now, you’re gonna think I’m a freak or something. In order for me to take an important decision like this, I need to go through every single possibility analyzing pros and cons and write them ALL down. If I don’t write them down, I’m sort of lost.

While searching on Couchsurfing for a host in Portugal, reading profiles and stuff, I’ve noticed there’s quite some people that come to Europe to make all their dreams come true, even if it’s six months, one year, two weeks… They just feel free, the old continent. That goes to everyone that’s not from an EU country. I guess it’s also because of the easiness of traveling around here. You can hop on a train from Germany and 8 hours later you’re in Austria, 4 hours later in Switzerland and so on. This is what I love the most about Europe.

It’s been so busy lately with all the planning of my future trips, Portugal and Eastern Europe. I’m really excited though. But I don’t want it to finish. I don’t want to stop feeling like I do now. Just doing what I like, having the time for me, enjoying myself while snowboarding, being outdoors, meet friends and have a beer, travel and go everywhere, meet people from the whole world. It’s difficult to say this and I never expected I would say it being a thousand miles away from home, but I do feel like in home now. I do need to go back to school, I need to get my brain working again. But as Mark Twain once said in The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” That’s what I’m doing my friends, that’s what I’m doing…



This post is dedicated in memory of Mónica. Don’t think bad, Mónica is alive. But I have figured out that I should actually do this right now and not later.

Where to start? I guess I should say how we met. But if you have been following my blog since the beginning then you’ll find out.

I got her email from a list, won’t specify which list. Decided to email her because she is from Colombia. I’ve been twice to Colombia and it’s one of my favorite places in earth, somehow I think I was Colombian in another life. Just because of that, I sent her an email, which she answered 2 weeks later. We started talking on facebook, then instagram and then twitter. Even before we met for first time, it was like we already knew each other.

Mónica is a really simple person, she has quite a character which won’t be understood by everyone, if you don’t know her that will freak you out, I’d say just give her space. She loves food and Mexican food.  She is a really relaxed person and open minded, quiet wise, I would say. I have learned a lot from her. She likes to drink beer as me.

Besides our love for traveling, we also have photography in common. She is like one of the people that are hidden under the rocks or a mountain. And besides the age difference, she is 4 years older than me. I would say she is my sister soul. We just get along so well. It’s really difficult to explain this. The sister I never had, I don’t know, between other cheesy terms.

I can talk with her about anything, literally. I’m a person that’s most of times not ashamed of doing something, like fart, burp, have hairs in my legs, eat like a pig, get smashed between others. I can do all that with her without being judged nor criticed. This does not happen with everyone. Just be the natural me. No customs nor attitudes. I can easily say there are only three people in my life like this, and she is one of them. I also had a lot of first times with her, like couchsurfing and starving to save money.

The first time I met her, I stayed over her house and we went out. We got a bit messed up but it was fun. It wasn’t weird at all. It was just like we had been known each other forever.


The second time I saw her we went to Switzerland together. Top 1 of my trips. 4 unforgettable days. You can read the Switzerland post here


The third time I saw her was when I visited for a second time at her home. I was having some personal issues that caused me to be a bit mind troubled and she was there through the whole thing. I needed to get out and clear my mind, she definitely helped and we went out and had a good night. Not getting smashed as usual but something just chilled. Next day, she dropped me off in the train station. We said goodbye and I cried, I thought this would be the last time we would see each other.


The fourth time was really special. We saw each other on Christmas Eve. She was traveling to Germany and needed to change trains where I would meet her. Her layover was one hour. It was really nice to see someone really close to me, considered as family on this day, since I was far away from home and it would be my first Christmas without them. She even had the delicacy to get me a present, it was the perfect one, Oreos and wrote a really sweet goodbye letter. Once again I thought this was the last time I would see her. On my way back home, somehow we had to take the same train. It’s like destiny keeps playing with us. We said goodbye and this time I was the one staying and she was on the train.


The fifth time was something really unexpected. We decided to make a last trip before she would go back to Colombia. We went to Bratislava, you can read about it here


This time we actually had to say goodbye for real. It would be one month until she would back to Colombia. I knew I was not going to see her again in the next couple months. It was just weird, we had said goodbye for 2 times already, but life brought us together for a last time before her departure. It felt real but weird. What was I thinking? Is this really happening? I am sad but somehow I can’t cry. I know I’m going to see her again.

It’s five times we have seen each other. Five. How much do you get to know a person in such a short period? I would say usually not much. But with her, it’s like we are the same.

She flew back to Colombia around two weeks ago. It feels sort of empty, We were not together but I still knew she was in the same country. Now, she’s thousands of miles away. We will see each other for sure but who knows when, where and how. Hopefully life will keep surprising us, as it has been doing it so far.

We keep in touch on skype and twitter. And it’s just the same. I really never expected to find such a good friend when I came here. This friendship started on September 2013 and I know it will last forever.

I love you Mónica, and miss you like hell, really. For Alaska.

Innsbruck with Couchsurfers 07/March/2014


Its Friday!! What other best way to enjoy it than going to Innsbruck!

I decided 20 min before the train would leave that I was going to meet some other couchsurfers. It turned out to be the best idea ever! I had so muchhhh fun!

I met Patrick, Gabo (or something like that) and two more guys which I can’r remember their names either. I’m actually really bad with learning names, oh well, hopefully it will change someday…

After an one hour train ride, I finally got to Innsbruck and went to meet them to the Inn. They were not there anymore so I called one of them and they would come meet me up in the Goldener Dachl in some minutes.

We went back to the inn and started drinking. We were there for like 2 hours maybe, and then went to eat to a kebap place, I was starving!!! I had a delicious kebap sandwich with some spices, gosh, it was so gooooood.

Then we went to the another bar that’s sort of in a basement. And had more beer. I drank 1.5 liters. That’s quiet much for me.  Then we went to another place called the weekender, which is supposed to be really cool. I didn’t have any more money with me, plus my card wasn’t working…as usual… so dear Patrick got me one, which I thank a lot. After two more bier glasses, I was done.

I remember I met a guy from Florida, and I think we kissed but I’m not sure. The guy from Nepal got angry and tried to punch him. It’s animals in freedom. I’m not sure if it was my fault, but it felt like. Then I left with Patrick, and went to his place. He was really nice to let me sleep there for 2 hours or so until I would catch my train back home.

It’s 5 am, time to go, go out and walk towards the train station, travel one hour and fifteen minutes to be home, and finally got home at 6:30. But hey!! I gotta go skiing at 9, so by 8 I was already up. Definitely not in good shape for skiing. I was still drunk, I didn’t sleep much and overall tired.

Snowboarding was really nice and I had overall a good time. I went to sleep at Saturday at 7pm. I was just dead. I slept 14 hours straight.

And well, that’s it. I think Portugal is in my list, we’ll see.

Until then everyone.


PS to myself. Do not drink too much next time.

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels…Fall in Love With a Woman Who Wants to See the World


Thanks for writing this. I find it totally cheesy but cute.

THE WORLD AND BACK: Adventures in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Date a Girl Who Travels

I’ve read some of the cute and corny and heavily-clichéd postsabout dating or not dating a person who travels, and whether you like them or not the point is the same:

For good or for ill, travel will instill certain qualities in a person. Independence, self reliance, adaptability, uncertainty, disinterest in material things, easy-going temperament, thirst for adventure and so forth.

Whether this makes the person good in a relationship is really up to you. Overall I’m just glad that so many people are talking about traveling, because I think we all should do more of it. If a few people are inspired to buy a plane ticket and get out of their comfort zone then I think that’s great.

Nonetheless, here’s my cute, corny and heavily-cliched contribution to the slush pile!

*  *  *

Don’t date a girl who travels…. Fall in love with a woman who wants to see…

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Liechtenstein 08/Feb/2014


Visiting Liechtenstein was really fun. I was done after 2 hours. It’s really small, in fact it’s the smallest german speaking country and it’s bordered by Switzerland and Austria. The capital city is Vaduz, which is the one I visited.

Downtown Vaduz is quite small. I was done with it in one hour or so. In order to get to Vaduz, you can easily take a bus from Feldkirch in Austria or from Switzerland. From Feldkirch bus costs around 5 euros and it takes around one hour to get there.

Once in Vaduz, there is a information center which also sells souvenirs. The city hall is also there. There is this quite big “plaza” which is pretty because it has the same style. There is also the cathedral in the near which is simple but pretty. On the other side of this main street there are restaurants, shops and there’s also a road, which can take you to the castle. The castle is really medieval, although is not open to the public because the royal family lives there. It was such a shame not being able to see the inside. From there you can appreciate the beautiful Alps view.

Then I was out of money and somehow I went through all the atms in Vaduz but my cards wouldn’t work… I got in the bust without paying. Then once I was back in Austria, I checked my email and saw an email from Emanuele, an Italian guy who also lived on Feldkirch. I gave him a call and we went to drink beer. I was sort of drunk I had not yet met my cs host. I went to buy some food because I was going to cook him dinner, haha you don’t have to ask me what it is. If you’re constant on the blog or you know me, you’ll know what it is.

I didn’t know which bus to take exactly and I took the wrong one. Some kids told me to get off. I guess they noticed I was a bit tipsy. I got to my host house and he noticed I was drunk so it was somewhat weird at the beginning. His name Karoly and he is from Hungary but grew up in Rumania. This time I didn’t find the host, the host found me.

We started talking and just getting to know each other. Then I started to cook. He is a really organized man, probably the most organized one I’ve met. Usually in a men’s house everything is everywhere.

We had dinner and by dinner, I broke a glass. It was SO embarrassing. He told me it was all right, no probs. I still felt quite bad. It wasn’t really the best first impression, getting there drunk, and then breaking a glass.

I didn’t go out at night. Woke up next day quite late and hung out a bit more in his place until 2 until I would catch my train back home.

This could’ve been a one-day trip definitely. I just really had no idea of how small it would be.

Hope to meet ya sometime soon Karoly. Big hug.

Liechtenstein Castle

Castle in Vaduz

Hopefully coming soon, Portugal!!!

Bratislava, Slovakia 25-26/January/2014


Bratislava was in my to-do list before 2014, I didn’t accomplish it on time but I still did it. And you can’t guess whom I traveled Bratislava with? Whom I thought I was not gonna see in a long time…MONICA!!!

I started traveling one night before because I live further away than her.

We also did Couchsurfing and we stayed with French guys living in Bratislava: Nico and Sylvain, they had another French friend over, Florent.

I was supposed to meet Monica in Vienna and then take the same train but she never appeared… I got really worried about her, maybe she had missed the train or what the hell happened to her. And after 10 hours I finally got to Bratislava. First impression? Train station has free wifi, which doesn’t happen everywhere. It’s quite small, and the information center is not so easy to find.

I waited for Monica for one hour or something, but she never appeared. I just kept on with our original plans. Take the free walking tour at 11 in the main square.  I took the bus and headed over there. I was hungry too and needed to use a restroom I went to McDonalds to eat breakfast and do myself.

The main square was right outside McDonalds. At 11, I went outside and saw a group of tourists; I guessed it was the free walking tour. We were around 15 people, all from different countries: Canada, USA, England, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, between others I can’t remember right now.

Something I might never forget is how freaking cold was!!!! Sensation of  1.4 F, that’s -17 Celsius, plus it was windy as hell. Weather was terrible.

I started the tour with the group and kept on walking, taking pictures. I had not yet stopped by our cs host. I was waiting for a message from Monica. After approximately one hour of tour, I suddenly hear someone saying my name, of course I didn’t know no one over there. I turned around and she was there!!! She had her eye allergy by then, so she was crying, it was cute to see she could be crying because she found me haha. We hugged and the group looked at us weird, we are just random! We kept on with the tour, our guide was really nice and she was also familiar with couchsurfing which always makes people talk about their experiences and stuff.

At the end of the tour, we thanked her and kept on walking. Bratislava’s downtown is really small.  We headed to the castle, which is an art museum inside, of course we didn’t go inside, it was just to enjoy the view. It was nuts cold and windy, plus we were carrying our heavy backpacks for a couple days. I don’t know how the hell we always figure out to pack a lot. We took some pictures up in the castle

We didn’t know what else to do. We went around and around, and when we finally decided to go meet our cs host. He was not home. We were freezing and starving. There was a mall in the near of his house, we went into the mall to try to find some internet but it didn’t work so we went into an apple store and used an iPhone. Haha what we do to survive. We sent him a msg and he finally answered and went back to his house, and hey, he was there!

We came in, they were all there, really welcoming. We told them that we were going to cook for them and they thought we still needed to buy all the stuff, buy hey we are always ready for everything.  What did we eat? Any guess? Pasta Bolognese! Our classic, ha! I also had brought with me a box of little bottles of schnaps. We were going to party of course. It was the last time Moni and me would hang out in a long time.

Monica is going back to her home country on March. My travel mate is going to be gone.

Two more French guys arrived. It was pretty much a French night in Slovakia. We started drinking everything vodka, gin, French alcohol, schnaps, beer, rum and I can’t remember what else. Around 12 we got dressed and went out to a bar. It was a cool bar, not my type definitely but it was really chilled. One of the guys was so drunk he passed out in the couch… and before we left the bar, he puked. Embarrassing but oh well, it could happen to anyone Then we went to this other sort of British place. Music was really good, although for me it was not the dancing music type. The music that was playing was rock, classic rock, and the type of songs you would sing on top of your lungs with all your friends. People here in Europe dance so weird, it’s cool because everyone is doing his or her own shit. We left at 5am the place and went back to our host’s apartment.

Nico was really nice and kind. He told us before going to sleep we could wake up at whatever time and take a shower. No rush or something. We did it so. Woke up at 11, took a shower and left around 1. They were going to eat lunch somewhere but Moni and me didn’t have any money, or not enough to eat somewhere. They eventually told we had the “backpacker look”, not sure how the look is, but I guess so, we felt flattered. Nico liked my hat, I wish I could’ve give it to him, but it’s my favorite, and attach to it I have so many memories of my last couple of months here in Europe, plus I got it for only 5 euros!!!

Moni and me headed downtown. We were not sure what we were going to do.  We decided to work on our little project, make a sign that says,“Have a nice day” and walk around downtown. It was really interesting, there was not a lot of people around so sometimes we would just wish a nice day between us haha. There were all kinds of reactions, people looking weird at us, people smiling and wishing us a nice day back, or just saying thank you. It felt really somehow and it reminded me of the simple things. How I didn’t have much with me, just the essential but still enjoy. I’ve learned through the past couple of months, it’s not about where you are but with whom, and I could’ve not wish for a better company. I really can’t imagine Bratislava without Monica. We also tried the free hugs sign but it didn’t work so we stayed with the have a nice day one.

At some time we got hungry but we didn’t know where to sit and eat. It was really windy and cold. We ended up eating in the street and freezing. Our food? Tuna with cookies and water. Nothing better. We kept on walking and headed to the train station since the time to day goodbye would come soon. It was just weird, we had said goodbye for 2 times already, but life brought us together for a last time before her departure. It felt real but weird. What was I thinking? Is this really happening? I am sad but somehow I can’t cry. I know I’m going to see her again. My train left first. As the train started going, just saw how her faster and faster would become small and suddenly vanish.

On my way back, I almost missed a train in Vienna and eventually I missed the second one. I had to sleep in the train station in Innsbruck. I got home at 6am and I was working at 10 the same day. Of course I was done at the end of the day.

Dear Nico and Sylvain, I hope I can meet you guys sometime again, and if you ever decide to cross to America, I would be really happy to have y’all.

Bratislava is a really nice city with lots of history. Not my favorite though. I would definitely say visit it on summer. Winter is too cold, you won’t enjoy everything.


  • Walking free tour in front of McDonalds at 11am and 3pm. You can search it in Facebook and Trip Advisor.

  • Book hostel.
  • Don’t watch hostel and if you have already watched it, nothing is true.
  • Eat food street if your budget allows it!
  • Free wifi in McDonalds and train station.
  • Everything is walking distance if you like to walk.
  • Walk up to the castle.
  • Don’t go into the museum.
  • Have a beer
  • Enjoy!

Free walking tour IMG_1022-2 IMG_1025-2 IMG_1063

Coming soon, Liechtenstein!

Ischgl 25.Dec to 3rd. January 2014


On the 25th of December I took the train to head to the beautiful Austrian alps in Tirol. I was traveling exactly to Ischgl.

Ischgl is an amazing ski resort, from there you can cross to Switzerland skiing and enjoy the magnificient view. It’s a beautiful ski village, but also a bit too expensive. I paid 300 euros for a 7 days lift ticket. Only in Europe, right? I have never to fancy places in Colorado or Canada, so I don’t know if its too much or just “normal”

There’s also a duty free village called Samnaun, it is in the Swiss side. For Europeans, its like super cheap. For me everything was freaking expensive so I didn’t buy anything. In order to get to Samnaum, I had to snowboard down through a super nice  slope: wide, big, not crowded and the landscape around just beyond gorgeous. For a moment, I wanted to ask Maren please hit me to see that I’m not dreaming.

My first day snowboarding was not so good. I had a new board, so I was getting familiar with it. I ate snow, you have no idea how much. I spent fifty percent of my time in the ground. I was the only one snowboarding, I would always be behind or falling somewhere. What I hated the most was going through moguls, with someone not so good at snowboarding riding the difficult stuff was exhausting.

After 2 days of snowboarding I was tired. I felt like an old grandma when going up the stairs and just exhausted overall. The thought of having 5 more days left would make me want to stay in bed the whole day. But up there when seeing the alps and everything, would give energy to keep going.

Aprés ski is also something not to miss in Ischgl! Oh yea, it will be fun, fun, fun! There are lots of places in the village and a couple ones in the slopes.  But if you’re for some party, this is the place to go!

For new years, we went out to the main square in the village and stayed there. A couple minutes before midnight we started lighting fireworks on and just wait for the big number! Once it was 12, we hugged and yeah, we kept drinking beeeeer and having a good time. We went back at 3. We were nuts cause we were gonna go skiing the next day at 9, only us, right? But hey, I paid 300 euros so I needed to be there!

The couple days later we were just the wholeeee day in the slopes. At the end I was exhausted, couldn’t do it anymore. We literally did the whole thing skiing.

I went back home the 3rd and then moved to my new home in Tirol!

View to the alps Wonderful Alps Skiing Snowplow times 15



I want to thank the Prinz Family, for being there always for me and making one of my dreams come true. Without you guys, it would’ve not been possible. I love you all. You guys are my family in Europe.  I hope our relationship keeps growing and stays there as it has the past years despising the distance.